Why Disney Travel Insurance is a Good Idea


Disney World travel insurance can be one of the last things you purchase but will never actually use. But for peace of mind, it’s worth it. This article could contain affiliate links, which means that I may earn a commission from you if you click on the links after reading this article and make a purchase. All products are described in detail with complete specifications. You should always consult your doctor or travel medical insurance broker before making any travel plans.

The primary concern of travel insurers is their customers’ health coverage options. Most Disney vacations begin with a visit to the Magic Kingdom, so most policies offer a special travel insurance package specifically designed for Disney travel. Coverage options vary greatly depending upon the travel insurance plan purchased. Some travel insurance plans cover all related expenses, others cover specific amusement park attractions and a few include emergency lodging and travel medical services.

Travel insurance coverage varies by plan. Some Disney trip packages include a free annual trip to Disney Medical Health Care, where you’ll be assigned a primary care physician who will recommend a particular plan that meets your needs best. Once you’ve selected a plan, this provider will then provide your insurance company with your detailed medical records upon request. Your pre-existing condition is always considered as part of the decision to issue a final payment for your insurance plan. The good thing about this option is that if you already have a pre-existing condition, your premium doesn’t increase because your condition is already covered.

Other types of Disney vacation travel insurance policies focus on coverage of specific travel risks and uncertainties. For instance, there is a Disney VIP Guarantee, available only to those who purchase the VIP Guarantee Travel Club. This provides travelers with the peace-of-mind that they will be well taken care of if their travel plans become hazardous. It is a four or five-day trip during which you and your companions are sheltered in a comfortable, fully furnished hotel room. Your VIP Guarantee coverage includes travel delays, cancellations and emergency transfers.

Another type of travel insurance plan focuses on providing monetary compensation to passengers who are victims of Transportation Accidents. If you’re a theme park or traveling enthusiast, there’s no better way to enjoy your favorite hobby than going on a Disney tour. However, if you’re involved in an accident while traveling on Disney property, there’s a strong chance that your travel insurance coverage will cover your medical bills. Just contact your chosen insurance provider and let them know exactly what happened so that they can prepare your case and provide you with the compensation you deserve.

Travelers who purchased a Disney vacation package but forgot to bring their travel insurance package along will find it helpful to purchase Disney Travel Insurance. Most insurance providers offer the convenience of instant online quotes for their guests, including park tickets, hotel rooms, tickets for attractions and much more. If you have non-refundable or non-guaranteed tickets, Disney Travel Insurance will also protect your money and possessions from being lost, stolen or damaged.

A final type of Disney Travel Insurance covers pre-existing conditions. If you’ve been sick recently or are injured on a trip, there’s a good chance you’ll need to visit a doctor or receive treatment for an injury. Purchasing travel insurance will allow you to be covered for these expenses and have peace of mind while traveling. Some travel insurance policies will also cover other medical expenses if you become ill while traveling on or offsite. When comparing different policies, be sure to check the terms and conditions so that you can determine if any of the medical coverage is available to you.

There are many travel insurance options out there and the best way to choose the right coverage is to talk with an experienced agent. While you can find discount Disney vacations insurance by simply asking your friends and family about their experiences, nothing will compare to the expertise of a licensed travel agent. This will allow you to get all the information you need to make a wise decision and have peace of mind while traveling on your dream vacation. By having the right coverage, you can feel confident that you won’t have any surprises when it comes to medical bills or other unforeseen circumstances. Disney World isn’t the only place you’ll want to go this summer, so don’t delay, buy your Disney travel insurance today!